By Kieran Webber

Rating: 9.5/10

Australia has fast become a hub for music in the past decade. It seems everyday there is a new band from down under that rips. One said band is The Chats, who first rose to popularity through their brilliantly hilarious and catchy ‘Smoko’ song. From there the band found viral success and went on to blow audiences away at home and across the globe.

One of the stand-out elements to The Chats is their tongue in cheek, entertaining and extremely Australian take on songwriting. It’s simplistic in nature yet totally amusing, even when tackling more serious subjects. This is something that is felt through their debut album ‘High Risk Behaviour’.

The album kicks off without hesitation with opening tack ‘Stinker’, a real punk rock track that is remiscent of Sex Pistols, The Clash and other late greats before them. The opening track is almost over before it starts, a pace that is felt from beginning to end. Within a flutter you are half way through the album and tracks such as ‘Drunk N Disorderly’, ‘The Clap’ & ‘Dine N Dash’ are but a memory. The quick pace the album is almost intoxicating, it all happens so quick. Yet you’re left wanting more.

It’s a frantic album that is delightfully fun, anarchic, infectious and raw. The Chats have proved they are more than mullets and ‘Smoko’ with this album. They’re one of the most exciting bands to emerge from Australia since AC\DC and as fun.

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