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Alannah Williams

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The Clockworks are a four-piece Galway-hailing, sonically wonderful band with an impressive resume, including a well-sought after support slot with Kings Of Leon. Consisting of James McGregor on Vocals/Guitar, Sean Connelly on Guitar, Damian Greaney on Drums and Tom Freeman on bass, The Clockworks are the geniuses behind full-throttle rock tracks such as ‘Enough Is Never Enough’ and ‘Can I Speak To The Manager’.

Their previous tracks have received ample support from radio station hosts, including plays on Annie Mac’s radio one show, BBC radio 6, and Sirius XM. Recorded at Unity/Aquarium studios, mixing and production was handled by Michael Rendall with additional mastering skilfully worked by Nick Watson.

Reminiscent of early Kaiser Chief tracks, ‘Feels So Real’ juxtaposes their previous releases, with darker undertones and post-apocalyptic daydreams – The Clockworks take a turn at penning what life after COVID looks like. A tumultuous journey around a city sets the stage for this anthemic, analogous tale of perception in unsettling times. This incandescent track is full of atmosphere and adrenaline fuelled energy which the band are well on their way to perfecting.

Rife with the good, the bad and the ugly; littered pavements aligned with bright city lights, urban decay adjacent to excitement infused rhythm guitar and gates off their hinges – the band brilliantly encapsulate looking through the smog filled air and focussing on the gleam of light at the end of the tunnel.

The Clockworks are on a winning streak and have unwittingly unearthed their niche – punchy rousing guitar numbers layered with passion filled lyrics and emotion driven vocals. Catchy tracks are their forte, and it is no wonder they have received such acclaim. This latest sonic feat is no doubt going to be set-list fan favourite.

Listen to ‘Feels So Real’ here: