It’s that time of the year where the never ending listicles appear, battering the dear music lover with simple, yet alluring content. The premise for this article is easy, we are going to list a bunch of artists that we think you should be listening to RIGHT NOW and then keeping your eye on throughout 2023.

So, without further adieu and for the first time ever, here is the CLUNK Ballyhoo List.


By Kieran Webber

When heading to the Langkamer Facebook page you will see in the bio “a little bit country a little bit rock n roll”. Never has a sentence summed up a band yet also left it so understated. Langkamer fuse the sounds of the golden era of rock music, throughout you can hear the influences from the softer sounds of Led Zeppelin, Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, and more. Yet, although a retrospective sound the band are still rooted in modern sensibility. It is within their songwriting that this band shine so bright, it is deeply heart-warming, relatable, and poetically beautiful, yet simple and digestible. Tackling subjects such as every day life, mental health, and more. Their latest release ‘Red Thread Route’ sums their sound up perfectly and is easily the best example of their work to date. Keep your eye on Langkamer, they’re an underdog that is about to show it’s teeth in 2023.

Gold Fever

By James Mellen

Gold Fever are sticking out like a sore thumb – in the best possible way.

The trio, made up of Oscar JD Sault, Emily Andrews and Callum Wright, have only recently burst onto the scene, though they have been quietly cooking and refining an impeccable setlist of live tracks and stellar singles. Their debut live performance at The Crofter’s Rights in November saw a watertight set of clean cut, polished tracks, retaining a razor-sharp edge and uniqueness. Gold Fever’s sound is difficult to pinpoint, though that is for the better. With a foundation of heavy drums and bass, the trio intricately layer infectious guitar lines and nostalgic synthesisers, topped with Oscar JD Sault’s quickfire and poignant lyricism. The result is a package of danceable, energy-fuelled songs, ready for even the biggest stages the industry has to offer.

Debut single ‘Que Sera’ delivers cataclysmic riffs matched with equally heavy drum-and-bass undertones, all while maintaining a pop sensibility due to the captivating and melodic essences of Sault’s lyrical prowess and songwriting ability. Despite minimal live shows on the horizon, Gold Fever seem to work tirelessly behind the scenes, so it won’t be long before they’re gracing, and conquering, more stages around the country. And whispers of an upcoming single are already making their way around Bristol, cementing the name Gold Fever as one of the most exciting new acts the city has to offer. 


By Willow Shields

Brighton-based three-piece Currls formed of Holly Deanna (lead vocals, guitar, founder), Jack Smith (bass) and Hannah Websdale (drums). A garage-rock ensemble who want to empower people and shred. Which are two things that speak to my soul. Holly formed the band about 7 years ago, and since moving to Brighton Jack and Hannah have got on board. This year has been a big one for Currls, releasing their first single since 2019 ‘Nerve’ in September and then coming out with an electrifying EP Hello, My Name Is in November while also playing as many shows as they could possibly play.

Currls are a genuinely exciting new(ish) band, made up of genuinely lovely people and I’m personally hyped to see them live as soon as I can in 2023.

Annie Taylor

By Kieran Webber

The rock n roll outfit from Zurich, Switzerland have had an incredible 2022. It has seen them tour around Europe & UK, release new music, and open for Wolf Alice in Zurich! So, it’s safe to say that 2022 has been a success for the rising rock outfit.

It’s no wonder that they are starting to build momentum, their sound is a healthy blend of psychedelia, stoner rock, fuzz, and good ol classic rock. You cannot help but get lost in the swirling guitars and pulsing rhythm section, not to mention Gini’s nonchalant, yet subtly powerful vocals.

Annie Taylor are now recuperating back home but 2023 is shaping up to be a chaotic, busy, and fruitful year for the band that is truly keeping rock n roll alive.

Getdown Services

By Kieran Webber

Where does one even start with Getdown Services?!

This dynamic duo are truly doing something unique and exciting, they’re leagues ahead of their peers. Their politically charged yet tongue-in-cheek songwriting is nothing short of poignent and entertaining. This matched with their chaotic, semi-nude live performance makes them possibly one of Bristol’s most exciting exports.

It is truly hard to pin down Getdown Services into a genre, possibly because they refuse to stay in one lane. Singles such as ‘M5 Overdrive’ are a sexy, hip swinging, future indie r&b number, whilst ‘Throbber’ is a pulsing post-punk track. There is a real magnetic energy to the duo, not just as artists but as people too. They’re incredibly warm, friendly, and truly beleive in community. Then on stage, they bring this energy and more. You really do find yourself wrapped up in their energy, it’s very welcoming.

I guess, the best way to describe Getdown Services is as a wild, charming, yet subtly entertaining act that are somewhat remiscent of Flight Of The Conchords. Do yourself a favour and see them live and keep your eyes peeled for a possible release in 2023.


By Willow Shields

A Liverpool four-sometimes-five-piece spearheaded by Sean Murphy-O’Neill (guitar, lead vocals) and Sean Thomas (drums, vocals), and backed up by Josh Cope (guitar), Connor McCann (bass) – and sometimes George Pomford (guitar) – taking the world by storm. With their debut record ‘Guitar Music’ out this year, gaining them notable traction in certain circles, it’s hard to miss Courting if you’ve ever seen a glimpse. Venturing out on a mega 20-something date tour in Autumn of this year, they seemed to have gained thousands of fans, maybe who have always been there and never followed the band on socials or maybe friends of friends dragged along to the show in their hometown.

All in all, Courting are here for the long run, and we’ve only just seen them in the 100m sprint. Mixing hyper-pop with rock, and generally making ‘Guitar Music’. They’re absolutely bonkers and one I’d keep an eye on, if I were you.

Opus Kink

By Kieran Webber

The brass driven hooligans are fast becoming one of the UK’s most sought after bands, and there’s good reason. Their brand of anarcho-punk-cumbia sound is incredibly uplifting, energetic, and daringly infectious. One cannot help but find oneself wrapped up in their ferocious sound.

2022 saw the band tour relentlessly, release an EP, and play festivals across the country. This helped create a real buzz around the band that just doesn’t seem to be dying down. 2023 is already looking incredibly busy for the band.

If you’re in doubt then head to Opus Kink‘s Spotify, dig deep through their growing catalogue and purchase a ticket for these chaps live, you will not be disappointed. However, be prepared for a hangover, these lads get rowdy.

Mandrake Handshake

By Kieran Webber

The inventors of “flowerkraut” and wizards of psychedelia. Mandrake Handshake have spent 2022 cultivating their sound and solidifying themselves as one of the most exciting bands in the U.K right now. Their music is an infusion of retrospective sounds that pay homage to those that came before, whilst maintaining a modern edge.

During 2022 we saw the band release a striking EP named ‘The Tipping Point Of Water’, a short burst of psychedelic goodness that harkened back to the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Groundhog. In addition to this they played a wave of memorable sets at festivals such as Green Man, Wide Awake, and Left Of The Dial, not to mention a litany of memorable shows up and down the country.

This is just the beginning for Mandrake Handshake and what a start it has been. There’s no doubt that with this momentum the band will take 2023 by storm.

The Rills

By Kieran Webber

The Lincoln indie trio are fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular bands. There’s good reason for this too, if it’s not their rowdy indie indie-rock and raucous live shows, it’s their charming and funny personalities, of which they have utilised on social media.

The Rills had a busy 2022 which saw them release their ‘Do It Differently’ EP (via Nice Swan Records), play a litany of festivals such as Boardmasters, and a full UK headline tour. Across this time they solidified their reputation as a solid live band and honed in the objective of becoming a mainstage indie-rock outfit, something that is no doubt in their future.

All the groundwork for domination are in place for 2023 and with a new EP set for release in January, the band are clearly aiming to start their musical conquest early.

Fake Turins

By Kieran Webber

The North London psychedelic outfit has been on an incline throughout 2021 and 2022. In the two years the band have released a debut LP, played various festivals, toured the country, and a litany of singles. It’s safe to say the band are a hard working musical force to be reckoned with.

The 11-piece is led by none other than Dominic Croons, a David Bowie a-la David Byrne type figure that encompasses all that it is to be a frontman. His enigmatic and alluring aura pulls the listener in, whether that be in a live setting or recorded. You cannot help but fall into his charm. However, the 10 other musicians that back Dom up are also noteworthy in their own way, bringing forward a neo-psych wall of sound that is inventive and delightfully experimental.

Their latest single ‘Built To Touch’ epitomises their sound in a masterful fashion. A groove laden bass-line runs throughout, whilst guitars swipe and strike throughout, backed by the occasional shriek of the brass section. All the while synths fill the space in the backdrop whilst Dom’s vocals breeze over the listener.

They’re an exciting band that are pushing the limits of the genre and their owns ound, 2023 is going to be a big year for the band.

Lime Garden

By Willow Shields

A four-piece hailing from sunny seaside city Brighton, made up of Chloe Howard (lead vocals, guitar, synth), Annabel Whittle (drums), Leila Deeley (lead guitar, vocals) and Tippi Morgan (bass).

What can I say about Lime Garden that hasn’t already been said? If you want a song that’s super catchy while also being insanely good; Lime Garden. But alas that’s nothing new, I’m sure I’ve even said that before. Having signed to So Young Records in 2021, it feels like this year has been when Lime Garden have really been allowed to run around a bit. Touring a stack of sold out UK venues, accompanied by Heartworms and Blood Wizard, it feels like Lime Garden are still growing, changing, evolving. As you’d expect from such a young band, although as a band they’ve been going for much longer than most of their Brighton counter-parts, as in 4+ years. Their two singles this year, ‘Marbles’ and ‘Bitter’, have been their strongest so far IMO, it’s a beautiful showcase of them maturing and their song-writing evolving.

I’m genuinely excited for what Lime Garden have in store for the big wide world in 2023 and cannot wait to get my grubby little mitts on new music from them.

Saloon Dion

By Kieran Webber

These Bristolian firebrands are a fairly new band on the south-west scene, yet in a short time they’ve made an incredible dent. Saloon Dion, which is an hilarious band name created by 5 of the funniest chaps I have had the pleasure to meet, are a conquering post-punk outfit. They are formed out of previous Bristolian outfits, formed together for one sole purpose, to create tongue-in-cheek post-punk whilst bringing high-octane energy to the stage. It’s hard not to find yourself whipped up to a frenzy in their anthemic, angst riddled, yet wholly fun music.

It’s no wonder why they’ve been plucked above their peers to play at SXSW, arguably the largest new music expo in the world.

The hype around this band is very real and as they head to the studio and the incoming EP or LP releases in 2023, we’ve no doubt they’re destined for an explosive year.

Take note of Saloon Dion as they’re going to be on the lips of every punk/rock fan very soon.


By Kieran Webber

Divorce may be one of the most exciting bands to have emerged in recent years. They blend a sound that floats between the country rock and indie, merging the two together with beautiful vocal harmonies and energetic guitars. During 2022 the band played alongside artists such as The Maccabees, The Lounge Society and more. As well as releasing their stunning debut ‘Get Mean’ EP.

The EP acts as a taster platter of just what Divorce can bring to the table. Having an open-arm-experience that comes with artists such as Florence & The Machine, this sound is so all encompassing and infectious. Vocally is where the band finds its strength, with the aforementioned vocal harmonies, but Tiger Cohen-Towell carries a weight I’ve not heard since Aoife of Whenyoung.

We cannot wait to see what Divorce bring to the table during 2023, they’re an incredibly exciting band.

Terra Twin

By Felix Bartlett

Terra Twin is latest the indie rock band you’ve been waiting for from the mind of none other than Maxim Balrdy (Númenórean warrior “Isildur” in Amazon Prime Video’s Lord Of The Rings: The Rings of Power). Starting as a side project whilst out filming in New Zealand Terra Twin released a pair of 60’s/70’s psychedelic rock inspired tracks ‘Eastern Boy’ and ‘‘I Don’t Know‘.

After returning back from filming Max reunited with old school friends Jake Goodbody, Lewis Spear, Alex Wadstein and Joel McConkey to form a five-piece group and release their exceptionally catchy and innovative track ‘I’m Coming Up (Again)’

After a selling out their hotly anticipated single launch at East London venue Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes earlier this year the band have since gone on to support various acts across London with their last show scheduled next Thursday (22nd Dec.) at the Old Blue Last, Shoreditch. 

Whilst no tour or new music has been announced as of yet, if the running success of these shows is anything to go by then it’s looking as though 2023 is shaping up to be exceptionally promising year for the band.

Personal Trainer

By Kieran Webber

All hail Personal Trainer! The band that is completely redefining guitar music. If you don’t beleive us listen to their debut album ‘Big Love Blanket’, a dizzying collection of anthemic indie-rock numbers that are remiscent to Bodega, Parquet Courts and even The Ramones.

The band have build a strong reputation for one of the best live bands on the circuit at the moment, with other bands constantly praising them. This and the hype around the debut album makes for the band’s next step to be incredibly exciting.

2023 already sees them hitting the road (including a CLUNK show in Falmouth) and heading to SXSW. So, it’s safe to say that they’re likely to take the year by storm. If you’re not privy to Personal Trainer be sure to acquaint yourself as they’re going to BLOW UP in 2023.


By Kieran Webber

Wunderhorse, the new project from Jacob Slater, formerly of the hyped South-London band The Dead Pretties. After the collapse of his previous band Jacob escaped to the countryside, specifically Cornwall. At the golden coast of Cornwall her reignited his love for surfing and became a surf coach, whilst also pursuing an acting career, you may recognise Jacob from the Sex Pistols show that was released this year.

Fast forward to September and Wunderhorse released their debut album ‘Cub’, to critical acclaim. The album blends the sounds of 90’s grunge with more classical rock elements, creating something that is heartwrenching yet fuelled by that good ol rock n roll. It’s anthemic, powerful, soft, melancholy, and infectious all at the same time.

Now that Jacob is back and with a fire in his belly, there is no doubt Wunderhorse will be crash down over 2023 like a towering wave.


By Felix Bartlett

Granted I can admit that Wargasm may not be to everyone’s taste. However, it is undeniable that this crazy duo are paving the way across the music scene and bringing back a sense of energy and mayhem to shows not seen since the early days of The Prodigy

Having making waves across the music scene over the past few years after seemingly to have risen from nowhere to become one of the most energetic live British bands, with a distinctive blend of electronic and hard-hitting breakdowns. We recently caught Wargasm biggest headline set to date at none other than the O2 Forum, Kentish Town to an audience that brought almost as much energy (if not more) than the band. 

Their debut EP ‘Explicit: The Mixxxtape’ has proved to be one of the best pieces of work and is one to be listened to at full blast.  The band have managed to bring a fresh and exciting new sound to an already saturated genre. Wargasm have managed to capture vulnerability and attitude filled angst and rage perfectly with every song they have released so far, with some of their tracks proving to be modern day anthems (at least in the Punk scene). Every inch of this EP is truly addictive; bending a multitude of exciting and thrilling genres in the process. 

Wargasm have dominated the festival and gig supports this year, and with a support slot alongside non-other than Limp Bizkit slated for April next year I’m sure there will be plenty of surprises towards the end of the year.