Words & Photography by Harvey Williams-Fairley

On Thursday, February 1st 2018, I was fortunate enough to shoot and view the legendary British punk band, The Damned. The band performed their 6th show in 25 show tour, which is set to travel most of Britain and some key cities in Europe.

The tour is in aid of The Damned’s new album ‘Evil Spirits’ which is set to release on April 13th. It has been 10 years since The Damned last recorded a studio album, and fans are aching to listen to their new material. The band released their first single from the album, ‘Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow’, earlier this year. The song, which is ode to the new wave movement of The Damned, can be heard on Spotify and Youtube.

Supporting The Damned on their ‘Evil Spirits Tour’ is the Brooklyn boy rockabilly drummer Slim Jim Phantom, who is a former member of the American band Stray Cats. Slim Jim’s performance is truly one of a kind. Much like Isaac Holman of Slaves, Slim Jim plays the drums and sings whilst standing up. Slim Jim’s music is excellent accompaniment to the fast paced aggressive licks of The Damned.

The Damned 2018 Tour Birmingham O2 Academy
@ Harvey Williams-Fairley

This year The Damned welcomed back their former bassist Paul Grey, who hasn’t played with the band since 1982. Captain Sensible roped Grey back into the band to help The Damned write their latest installment.

@ Harvey Williams-Fairley

The show was a truly phenomenal performance, and pulled in such a diverse crowd of people. Punks, goths and emos all joined each other in a graceful display of appreciation for the Neat Neat Neat music of The Damned.

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