Words & Photography By Kieran Webber

The Watering Hole, Perranporth was transported to the baron lands of the American desert last week when Canadian ensemble The Dead South ascended to the stage. The sold out show saw a unique bluegrass, American country/folk sound emulate throughout the intimate venue.

As the venue filled up the lights dimmed red, creating a sultry and warm atmosphere. After much anticipation the band made their way to the stage, dressed ready for a shootout or a ho-down. Big black boots, tight black jeans and a white shirt decorated with a bolo tie, finished off with a black jacket. Thankfully their music matched their authentic garb. Each member walked on stage donning their chosen weapons of choice, all of them reminiscent of the wild west. A double bass, acoustic guitar and a banjo were their weapons of choice.

The Dead South Watering Hole Perranporth Cornwall
By Kieran Webber

It’s hard not to enjoy the music of the American Countryside, it’s draped in romance, debauchery and murder. It’s a form of music that tells a story. But it also comes with a devilish rhythm section that will have even the stiffest of people (i.e me) dancing and moving.

The Dead South proved that they were masters of their art, and acted as a wall of sound that was unrelenting. Their stage presence was huge, at times they would line up as a four and move around the stage in unison with each-other and the music, it was quite the sight. Their set was at it’s peak when they played their most popular track ‘In Hell I’ll be In Good Company’, which saw The Watering Hole explode with a roar.

The only gripe I had though was that at times it was hard to differentiate between songs, the set had the tendency of sounding the same. However, with that negativity aside it was a fantastic night and The Dead South put on a brilliant show.


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