Words by Kieran Webber | Header Image by Krit Upra

Forming in 2012 The Dirty Pennies have been a staple rock band in their hometown of Rochester, NY. They’ve played countless home shows and taken their dirty blues rock across the U.S.A, playing in Nashville, Philadelphia, Buffalo and more.

Their music carries a very American sound to it. It’s deep rooted, riff fueled rock n roll with sprinklings of blues and Americana folk. A rich sound that is remiscent of The Black Keys, Howlin Wolf and The White Stripes.

The bands latest release ‘Love Ain’t Free’ is a nostalgic track and sees the band looking retrospectively. It’s a love song in its purest form. Lyrics such as “I Drop Down On My Knee, Baby Love Ain’t Free” ring true.

This sentiment is driven forward by a dirty, gritty blues rock riff and gruff vocals. It’s a real foot-stomper that demands the listener sways and moves to their infectious barrage sound.

Listen to ‘Love Ain’t Free’ here:

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