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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: I OH YOU

Near enough a year after being first recorded in Brixton, DMA’s release album ‘Live at Brixton’. Just before the first lockdown, DMA’s took to the stage in front of a 5000 sold out audience in Brixton Academy, London; which just happens to also be the venue where DMA’s played their first ever UK show, supporting The Courteeners.

The biggest headline show to date for DMA’s with an eager, engaged crowd and unexpectedly crisp, clear audio, this live album doesn’t just offer us an idea of the experience at Brixton Academy… it truly brings the experience to life.

Live albums are an incredible thing, going through the highs and lows of a gig with the artists and the audience is an truly personal thing. Crowds chanting and singing along, slight variations of vocals from studio tracks and interim screams and conversations are heard throughout, which has been such a valuable experience through this past year where live events have been minimal and distanced.

A 17 song compilation of absolute bangers from DMA’s, featuring tracks from all three albums. Opening with ‘Feels Like 37’ and hearing that crowd belt out the lyrics of the rocky, emotive track back to the band is somehow almost as enjoyable on this album as in live.

‘Live At Brixton’ includes standout tracks such as ‘Silver’ from most recent album ‘The Glow’, ‘The End’ from 2018 album ‘For Now’ and ‘Delete’ from debut album ‘Hills End’ released in 2016. Whether you’re a diehard DMA’s fan, have only heard a few of their tracks or are simply a partaker in a good indie rock album, this sound experience is one for all to enjoy.

Have a crack. Get the volume up, shut your eyes and reminisce on sweaty gigs in dark rooms, singing along to good lyrics with total strangers. DMA’s have managed to both show off their live talents and create a fully immersive experience in ‘Live at Brixton’. This album will continue as an iconic representation of not only DMA’S growth in the last five years, but also one of the last large live music events before the Coronavirus outbreak in Britain.

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