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The indie pop trio are back and better than ever as they combine synth-pop and candid lyricism into a fresh E.P.

If any reader has been keeping tabs on what makes a great indie band tick, then this writer has got some news for you. The Dryas‘ latest offering provides high energy and see’s them experimenting with synth-pop, indie, and electronic sensibilities.

The four track production is simply one to admire as it provides not only the good times of indie at it’s best, but the bad times in powerful lyricism where listeners may be able to relate. The overall E.P is truly one that makes this writer want more.

Regardless of any listener begins at the start or the bottom of the E.P, they will find a cocktail of emotions while banging their heads to the soaring guitar riffs and more.

The Dryas have had many setbacks, especially during the lockdown, but this E.P shows that they are moving in the right direction.

From the moment the body of work begins, it admirably shows how the trio have improved consistently and want to become something new and different compared to their peers. This is why Brighton’s music scene will continue to thrive as it keeps shining a light on bands such as The Dryas.

Speaking on the single ‘Teammates’ the band commented: “Teammates is a jaunty, indie-pop song filled with a rebellious sentiment that speaks to going against the status quo and sticking up for yourself.”

Listen to the E.P below:

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