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Alannah Williams
Alannah Williams

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Manchester’s three-piece sonic wonder The Early Mornings have graced us with a handful of earworms in the form of their stellar new EP ‘Unnecessary Creations’. The genre-bending offering contains everything from pop-veined instrumentals and paradoxical post-punk cuts. Recorded in just one day, The Early Mornings have a knack for surpassing all expectations and we’re all here for it.

We had the chance to chat with the Manchester natives about all things new music and their sonic influences, as well as everything in between.

Lana: Tell us about yourselves! Who are ‘The Early Mornings’?

Annie: We are a three-piece from Manchester who has recently moved down to London. We are Annie- Guitar/Vocals. Danny- Bass. Rhys- Drums.

Lana: Do you think being from Manchester has influenced your sound at all?

Annie: Definitely, growing up listening to all those Manchester bands and knowing they were traversing the same space as you. So many good gigs on pretty much all the time.

Danny: Practicing in old mills, walking the first canals in England, and pronouncing words like bath with a short ‘a’ are all wonderful things. I’m not sure I can say that it’s really influenced our sound directly though, we’ve never wanted to sound like any of the bands we love from Manchester.

Lana: You range from pop to post-punk, what genre would you say you fit most neatly into?

Annie: It would be good if pop-punk didn’t have those connotations. It’s probably one of my least favourite genres of music. But I would like to say more Pop overall. I think Pop is an expansive term.

Danny: Avant-garde a clue.

Lana: We loved ‘Blank Sky’, how do you feel the music video fits with the lyrics and story behind the track?

Annie: The stark imagery reflects the stripped-back sound at the start. We not usually very literal with our ideas for music videos but we did want to get that blank sheet of the grey sky with no clouds behind everything we filmed. So, we had to choose the right days to go out and film – luckily, winter in Manchester is full of those skies.

Lana: Tell us about your EP ‘Unnecessary Creation’?

Annie: This Ep is made up of some of our earliest songs and some of our newest. We wanted to pick the songs that would show the range of our songwriting.

Danny: It’s an expression of all the emotions and things in life that make it worth living. Of love. Of the seemingly insignificant moments that contain the true beauty of life. Of long walks with nothing to say – only to feel. To feel the streets and the joy and pain in a thousand strangers’ faces as the rain falls, and concrete reaches towards the grey sky. Of anger at a world where all that is blowing in the wind is the regurgitated remains of the past and the unanswered calls of lonely dogs. Of an, ultimately, optimistic romanticism despite and because of it all. Or it can just be a bit of fun.

Lana: What are the main influences behind it?

Annie: I don’t know if there are influences behind this EP. But in terms of our influences as a band, we love the way The Breeders compose their music. The Fire Engines for the chaotic hooks.

Danny: The Velvet Underground is still one of the most progressive bands I’ve ever heard, with their mixture of discordance, catchy melodies, inimitable lyricism, and the way they incorporated every medium into their expression.

Lana: The EP was recorded in just one day – was this the aim or did it just happen?

Annie: We like to keep things simple and a bit rough around the edges. There are only three instruments and we don’t like things to be overproduced and start adding stuff in that we wouldn’t even be able to play live.

Danny: Yeah, we have much more important things to be doing.

Lana: What track are you most excited for fans to hear?

Annie: Tell Me It Works.

Danny: I saw one review that said ‘Tell Me It Works’ – (it doesn’t work) which was funny. It’s not supposed to be a nice song though so I think I’ll take that.

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