By Kieran Webber

Although summer has come to an end (if we had one at all) bands such as the Scarborough based THE FEENS are still seeking out the last of the warmth with new single ‘Sunset’.

A daringly infectious indie anthem that is driven forward by hip swinging hooks and sweet vocals. Although on the surface it appears upbeat and positive the track takes a dive into mental health. The chorus’ poignet lyrics “When the sunsets, I’m not alright but i’m fine” ring true.

As frontman Freddie Schmuck explains, “’Sunset’ was written out of struggling to come to terms with something coming to an end and the feelings that come with that. It also highlights that action of putting on a front or brave face when the lyric says, “I’m not alright, but I’m fine”, when navigating through a difficult and uncertain period. The track title is another way of suggesting the end of something, with a Sunset bringing the day to a close.”

THE FEENS have already had support from Radio 1, Radio X and BBC Radio 6 to name a few. If they continue releasing music of this quality then it is without a doubt they’ll be mainstage at every festival in the next year.

Listen to ‘Sunset’ here:

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