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Elliot Orban
Elliot Orban

Born In the Midlands but now residing in Falmouth. Currently studying at Falmouth University. Has a delightful passion for music that is blossoming in his new home, Cornwall.

The Fiddlers Elbow welcomes three upcoming indie Bands who are looking to make a statement in the indie scene

The Fiddler’s Elbow is one of those venues in London that provides some top-quality acts and gives bands a platform to really make a name for themselves. As I arrived at the Big Smoke I was excited to listen to some proper Indie tunes that would ironically whisk me away, back to the beaches from where I came from. With some big acts, like legendary Catfish and The Bottlemen, having played at the Fiddler’s Elbow, I was exhilarated to hopefully hear the next big thing! However, the headline act Free Spirits unfortunately had to cancel due to injury of one of the band members. But this didn’t stop Burning Juniper, Project Culture and Fever Seasons turning out, as all three bands performed sensationally!

Photo credit: Katie Miller

Full of power and confidence, Burning Juniper started the night off with full flare, performing their first song ‘Staring At The Ceiling’. A tight, well-rehearsed band set the stage alight with the vocalist exuding a powerful confidence and delivering a great vocal performance. Cut to the solo, the room was filled with a beautiful guitar that echoed throughout the venue. All in all the song sounded well-rehearsed and set the tone positively for the start of the night. The second song ‘What’s the point’, introduced us to a more powerful feeling guitar and a looser vocal performance that still retained high quality but more emotion. The drums and bass attacked the low-end strongly and once again, the song was well structured.  ‘What’s the point’ was also oozing confidence with a phenomenal vocal performance. The breakdown of the song helped push it through to the end and when they left me yearning for a final chorus, they delightfully delivered.

Leaving me pleasantly surprised and fulfilling what I craved as they teased ending the song prior to this. Their stage presence is undeniably addicting and I’m begging for a release of ‘What’s the point’‘She changes the weather’ slowed the pace down, but the quality was still high. Making me reminisce of the song ‘high’ Feeder and a subtle The Killers vibe, ‘She changes the weather’ was a delightfully nostalgic track.

Whilst we wait for Burning Juniper to release music, which they need to do ASAP, go watch them in a live setting, you will not be dissapointed.

The act to follow, Project Culture, also provided a solid performance that kept the interest of the audience incredibly well. However, the band had a shaky start with the nerves of the guitarist being pretty evident from the get go. He did relax though and find his footing on stage, which lead to some truly beautiful music. Tracks such as ‘Force Of Habit’, ‘Girl With Sun’, and ‘Guess I Think’ really caught my eye.

Photo credit: Katie Miller

They’re clearly a new band that are still getting comfortable with the idea of playing on stage, which is a daunting thing. However, if they continue to practise and play live, they’ll be masters of the stage in no time. They have a great sound that is ripe for sonic exploration and advancement. It’s going to be exciting to watch this band grow.

The final band Fever Season did not disappoint. Providing an elongated dramatic intro, catching everybody’s attention, which then exploded into pure indie bliss sold it to everyone listening that the performance we were about to see would be phenomenal. The bands power and precision throughout really sold the whole performance and you could see the chemistry between the band members. The vocalist provided crisp, energetic vocals with incredible synergy to the rest of the band and the whole atmospheric indie feel felt to me like a nod to The Kooks but with its own originality. A standout moment was during the track ‘Shantelle’, a well glued together track that the band played with eye catching passion, it was a joy to watch.

Photo credit: Kieran Webber

The night was a total success and all three bands pulled out all the stops at the Fiddlers Elbow, making the 6 hour journey totally worth it.

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