The Foxtails are a relatively new band, with only three singles below their belt. Yet each release has shown growth and an impressive ability to bring a fresh feeling to each single. They have a sound that is retrospective, finding infuence in the synth drenched music of the 80’s yet remains firmly fresh sounding. Imagine Duran Duran meets The 1975, this is the sound The Foxtails create.

Their latest single ‘Back Together’, is an uplifting release that is brimming in indie-pop goodness, again fusing the new and old to create something wonderfully vibrant. There is no escaping the positivity that comes pouring out of their music, particularly in this single. Opening lyrics “Let’s go ahead and live for the moment” sparks a sense of excitement and optimism that is wildly needed during these strange times. The Foxtails music lifts you up, shakes you down and give you a reaffirming pat on the head. In a world with so much negativity, this positivity is undeniably comforting.

There is much to adore within The Foxtails music, from the scuzzy riffs through to the harmonious vocals, it’s an undeniably enjoyable experience that leaves you clinging for more.

Listen to ‘Back Together’ here:

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