Words by  Georgia Cummings | Header Image by Em Marcovecchio 

The Howl and the Hum’s Only Boy Racer Left on the Island begins with a hopeful opening, with a bright, shiny reverb on the guitar and vocals and subtle bass notes as the vocalist sings about reflecting on youthful aspirations.

The first drop, into a flowing percussive groove, reminds me of early Snow Patrol. The tension builds with rising synths that expand and create a dreamy soundscape as the strong male vocal carries the narrative of a young boy who watches the boy racers speed around the town together in awe.

Then we welcome a gentle yet complex percussive line that releases us into the main body of the song. The sustained vocal notes at the end of each line accompanied with the shining synths that follow the vocal melody, offers a strong sense of freedom. Fitting with the themes of the narrative; the boy racers soaring through your hometown in a convoy and looking on with delight as a child at their freedom.

The final section of the song releases us again into a heavier, driven beat that completes our sense of freedom with an epic and inspirational build that continues to rise until the end, finishing with a sudden resolution.

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