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60s-inspired indie rock legends The Lemon Twigs sign to Captured Tracks and release their first new single in two years

When tackling nostalgia in indie music, it can come across as forced or stuck in the past if not handled well. The Lemon Twigs are the perfect example of how to handle it well. Their sound is undeniably influenced by pop and rock music of the 1960s, while never sounding stale or unoriginal. 

Now, two years after their last release, The Lemon Twigs have signed to Captured Tracks, the esteemed Brooklyn indie label. With this announcement, the band have dropped the new single, ‘Corner of My Eye’, an extremely pretty, tasteful and relaxing love song. 

‘Corner of My Eye’ contains everything we’ve grown to love about the band. The melody is beautiful, both playful and calming, while the vocal harmonies come together to create a wonderfully warm texture. The lyrics are romantic, charming and simple.

Instrumentally, this warmth is matched. The drums brush along at a gentle pace with the guitars tastefully playing their gorgeous chords whilst never showing off. With the combination of the lovely instrumentation and vocal harmonies, no one part stands out, with the band instead crafting a lush, cosy overall sound. 

If this track is what we can expect from The Lemon Twigs’ next chapter, we should be very excited. They’re holding onto what made them special while allowing their songwriting to become more and more polished. 

‘Corner of My Eye’ is out now via Captured track and is accompanied by a gorgeous music video directed by Hilla Eden and Brian D’Addario. 

Listen/watch ‘Corner of My Eye’ here:

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