By Kieran Webber 

The Southampton based indie outfit have today released the video for their single ‘Headstrong’. We at CLUNK are incredibly humbled to be exclusively premiering the video. The latest single from The Manatees is a classic indie track that is delightfully infectious. The array of jangly guitars and fast percussion clash together whilst emotive vocals take precedent, it’s a real ear worm.

Speaking about the track the band have this to say:

‘’Headstrong is an angsty confession of the self-doubt and distrust that current media outlets create within us; whether that be Instagram models who never seem to suffer a bad day, or a constant stream of click bait and fake news that leaves us not knowing to believe.” 

The video for ‘Headstrong’ personifies this sentiment and feeling masterfully. We see the band playing to a group of bitter faced judges who decide if the band fit the expected criteria. It’s something we all have to face in our day to day lives, but musicians in particular.

Watch/listen to ‘Headstrong’ here:

You can also catch the band on tour throughout October & November, with a Cornish show to be added soon (hint hint.. keep your eyes peeled).

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