Words: Kieran Webber | Header Image: Conor Mason (Fragile Photography)

The latest single from the Southampton based band The Manatees is a track that everyone can relate to, especially in this overworked and underpaid generation. I am sure everyone of us has felt the pangs of anxiety ripple through our stomach or the head throb of stress pulsing through our precious craniums. ‘What If’ is this generations mantra, a song that captures the mindset of us all. Lyrics such as “What if I don’t make it through school, what do I do” resonate on a very personal level. It is a track that bares the listener to the bands insecurities and fears yet also is incredibly relatable.

This message is wrapped up in a delightful indie bundle, with cascading riffs and husked vocals. It’s an energetic bubble that is bursting with goodness, prepare yourself to smash that replay button. The single is officially released March 8th via Kerosene Records / Vox Humana, but you can hear it first through us today (link below).

Listen to ‘What If’ here:


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