By Kieran Webber

The Molochs have tapped into the satisfying sounds of the early 60’s and perfected it, imagine the best elements of the Rolling Stones bundled up into a new and fresh package that has yet been corrupted by greed. Their latest single ‘No More Crying’ taken off their forthcoming album ‘America’s Velvet Glory’ (January 13th via Innovative Leisure) boasts their stunning use of ‘retro vibes’ not just through their music but also the video that accompanies it.

Frontman Lucas Fitzsimons describes the video; “The video is a minimalist portrait of the group. Shot in super 16, we wanted a classic look that moved into something more modern — the first half of the video taking place in a dance hall type auditorium and then moving into outdoor footage shot in south Pasadena gives that feeling. There is no story, plot, or angle — the main objective was to shoot something that looked beautiful while maintaining an earthy fidelity.”

Watch\listen here:


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