By Kieran Webber

Influence can be found in the strangest of places. In the case with The Novus‘ latest single ‘Man On The Bridge’ it was found in Camden. It’s an area of London that is no stranger to the weird and wonderful. Before one of the bands show they saw an old man dancing in his pants by the lock. This strutting OAP, whether he knows it or not, influenced the band’s latest single.

“The song is inspired by the time we came down to London from Stourbridge to play a gig on a Saturday, Camden was buzzing and in the midst of it all was an old man dancing in front of the bridge at Camden Lock in his underpants” the band explains.

The homage to the old man is a bouncing punk track that is oozing in high octane energy. Crunching guitars come crashing down with the percussion, whilst angst riddled vocals drive it home. It’s a simple track that is wildly contagious.

Listen to ‘Man On The Bridge’ here:

‘Man On The Bridge’ is also available in Vinyl (purchase here)

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