Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

After releasing a couple of taster singles earlier this year, midlands quartet The Novus have now released their debut EP, ‘Thaleia Standing’. It’s clear from the opening track and lead single ‘I Serve Not’, that The Novus is a band to be taken seriously. With a sound that feels like a blend of Ghost, The Horrors, and The Cult, what The Novus has created is equal parts goth and rock.

The second track ‘Hate Is The Cancer’ picks up the pace with its mix between bands such as The Clash and Billy Idol. The chorus sees Vocalist Connor Hill practically chanting “Hate is the cancer, love is the cure” which is a message that laces through ‘Thaleia Standing’. Lyrically Hill isn’t happy just tackling the usual topics of love found and lost. He instead tackles subjects such as not conforming to the crowds, learning to understand your own feelings, and feeling anger towards the people that try to hold you down.

With this lyrical content matched with the almost 70’s style psychedelia and goth edge, it feels like The Novus are kick-starting a new movement. Closing track ‘Journey (With No End)’ pushes home the psychedelia with its chorus drenched guitar and sitar style playing in the verse. When the chorus hits though, it’s all-out rock and vocalist Hill really shows the power in his vocals.

Considering this is only their debut EP, The Novus are already making a sound of their own which has depth and lyrics you can invest in. They are definitely going to be one to watch as they grow and explore this newfound sound so get on board now before you get left behind.

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