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By Kieran Webber

The Physics House Band are one of the most unique and special bands in the UK at the present time, by fusing together jazz, prog-rock, tech-rock and psychedlia they create a sound almost unimaginable. Consisting of Sam Organ (guitar/keys), Adam Hutchison (bass/keys) and Dave  Morgan (drums). The three met at university in Brighton, almost by accident, after the breakup of their previous bands. Since forming they have played alongside the likes of Alt-J, Jaga Jazzist, Django Django, 65daysofstatic and Three Trapped Tigers and received high praise from Stewart Lee.

2017 sees the release of the bands mini-album (their first in four years) ‘Mercury Fountain’, due April 21st via Small Pond Records. Recorded with Joel Magill & Raven Bush at Wicker Studios in Kent, ‘Mercury Fountain’ uses a wealth of vintage microphones, amplifiers, drum sets and synthesisers, featuring a Wurlitzer, a couple of 70s Moogs, a roland string RS202, and even a bizarre Russian Moog copy. For The Physics House Band, experimentation is key and a large part of the recording and writing process. The group had a little help from their friends to create ‘Mercury Fountain’, with Raven Bush on violin, ‘Biscuit’ on jazz flute and ‘Willy G’ on saxophone.

You can hear a slice of what’s to come with the lead single ‘Calypso’, an assault of sounds that tickles the senses, opening your mind to a new wave of experimentation.

Listen to ‘Calypso’ here:

Album Artwork & Tracklist:


Mobius Strip


Holy Caves

Surrogate Head

A Thousand Small Spaces



The Astral Wave

Mobius Strip II