Our First Ever Print Edition The Quaranzine Is Now Available Online For Free!

Our first leap into the print world was with our Quaranzine, a zine that we made through the various lockdowns that took place between 2020 and 2021. It was a great success that sold out three times and for that we will always be eternally grateful. It was a dream of ours to go to print and without the help of our readers and sponsors it would never have happened, thanks to all of you that made a dream come true.

Now, nearly a year later we return with our second print edition that is penciled for release on October 27th. We can’t announce too much about it yet but it will feature a variety of Cornish, national, and international artists, some you will know of, others you may not. As always we’re wanting to champion new music.

With all this in mind we wanted to release the Qauranzine for FREE online so that those that missed out could have a look and for those new to CLUNK can get an idea to what to expect from our next edition.

Enjoy and we look forward to bringing you our next zine.

Let us know what you think!