Words by Tom Tozer | Header Image by Craig Taylor-Broad 

Successfully, Magnus Lennon and all the other heroes involved in the production of this event, allowed a handful of bands to share a stage, entertaining a community of punters in the Cornwall area. This event was the single release party for The Rezner’s newest ground-shaking track ‘For Myself’. The performance was, as usual, jaw-dropping, yet, unsurprisingly, all the other bands in support had the same pleasurable effect.

There was a plethora of music to be had that ranged a mixture of genres. The event started with the host’s band, KAZAK. An alternative-rock trio who smashed it. Fronted equally between the widely talented Magnus Lennon and Jack Lester-George. Their chemistry on stage presents itself through the music allowing the audience to focus solely on enjoying themselves and with the people around them. They are a relatively new band, but the fellas have a true passion and that is showing with their recent popularity. Watch this space.

A sweaty affair – Craig Taylor Broad

Next up was the math-rock band HOPS, vocally led by the enchantingly sure and soft voice of Lilly Shickle. They have been together coming up to a year now. However, judging by the tightness of their set one would think this group of talented musicians had been jamming together for years. In that time, they have played many a gig and some would say perfected their craft. Here at CLUNK, we want more, we’re sure anybody who has heard them does too.

HOPS by Craig Taylor Broad

Stepping things up in the mosh pit, almost instantly when hitting the stage, was the Falmouth based Bonetired. The band’s folk-rock sound completely changed the flow of the audience from a mellow mood to a rough sea of sweaty revelers. Their music is filled with funk and strong tension-filled riffs that come together to make it impossible not to move while in earshot of the brilliant music being created. All members of the band bring something to the table, especially the bassist Ryan Barsby, who’s energy resonated within the crowd from start to finish.

Finishing the event was ever-mesmerizing The Rezner. The local Truro band were in their hometown and truly showed it with their complete control over the audience. Any energy the boys on stage were throwing out to the audience was picked up without question. Ending the performance with an unplanned acapella with the entire crowd inside The Old Bakery, which isn’t a small venue. It was a beautiful moment, one which we all simply had to join. The Rezner are certianly ones to watch, there is a bright future ahead of this Cornish band.