Words by Kieran Webber | Photography by Hannah Elizabeth 

Amid the Coronavirus panic and maybe the last gig before the wave of cancellations we celebrated The Rezners third birthday. Joining in for the fun was FacePaint and the recently formed Smack. It was a jam packed night that saw the whole of FIVES jumping, singing and laughing the night away.

Smack by Hannah Elizabeth

Opening the night was the energetic, angry and ferocious Smack. A band consisting of members from Clay Allison & Ballerina. Forming at Bath University these guys have a seriously infectious attitude. They are incredibly in your face and bursting with punk energy. They have a similar sound to bands such as IDLES with their anthemic riffs and snarling vocals.

FacePaint by Hannah Elizabeth

Following on was FacePaint, a shoegaze, garage-rock band with hints of psychedlia. In the last year this band have been playing relentlessly to crowds throughout Cornwall. They have fast been recognised as the counties most sought after newcomers. It’s no surprise either as their frantic, fun and sideways look into music has created a variety of sounds that can only be described as brilliant. The bands dedication and hard work in their craft is paying off and with each live set and release they grow in strength. This show was no different and as always they blew the roof off. The highlight came from the performance of ‘Blue’, a stunning track that is a total earworm.

The Rezner by Hannah Elizabeth

Finishing the night was the birthday boys The Rezner. This band continuously amaze and excite me with every performance. They manage to grab hold of a room and occupy it with masterful ease. Bringing their fiery indie-rock to the audience. It wasn’t long until the whole room was bouncing, singing back the choruses to their singles ‘Micky’ & ‘Wouldn’t You Like To Know?’. At the heart of their music and shows is fun, they’re having fun and that is so plain and clear to see. The Rezner love making and playing music and the audience can feel that. The energy that filled the room was totally overwhelming. It’s a shame with all that’s going we may not get to experience that again for a time.

Whilst we are on lockdown and it’s likely shows aren’t happening you should check out all three bands socials and spotify’s. Let them aid you and help ride this shit storm out.

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