Lincolnshire Indie Three-piece The Rills Return With Propulsive New Single ‘Skint Eastwood’

The Rills have spent the past few years building a strong online presence, especially on Tik-Tok where their tongue-in-cheek attitude is on full show. So far, they have amassed an impressive 4 million likes on the platform, a number likely to continue to grow. In addition to this the band have had impressive singles such as ‘Pyro’, ‘Us & Them’, and Stardog’. The anthemic indie rock they produce and the strong fan base has also lead them to play at festivals across Europe, including Reading and Rotterdams Left Of The Dial.

Now the band have returned sounding better than ever, and under the ever growing Nice Swan Records (FEET, Pip Blom, Sports Team). Their latest single ‘Skint Eastwood’ fires at all cylinders, from the moment it starts to the very end it is filled to the brim with tense energy. As always with The Rills it floats in the off-kilter indie territory yet remains delightfully cohesive. It’s hard not to be taken back by the bands’ wall of sound that they create, guitars flurry in and out, coming at the listener in waves. All the while the percussion comes down like a hammer on an anvil, keeping everything in tip-top shape. This allows for the vocals of Mitch Spencer to blast through with infectious clarity, all these elements make ‘Skint Eastwood’ an incredibly solid single.

Speaking on the track frontman Mitch explained: “Skint Eastwood is a Lincoln loner. He’s a BMX bandit who lurks the streets for affection, be it by begging, stealing or borrowing.” Adding: “Suburban life gives way to people like Skint Eastwood, kids with nothing but the change in their pockets and the rucksack on their backs – cycling into oblivion as much as they are crying out for help. There’s something familiar about that old cowboy cliche; a hard exterior crossed with a soft and vulnerable interior is easily used to describe the lost boys and girls of our generation.”

If this track tickles your pickle you’ll be happy to know that they’re releasing an EP late Spring of 2022 via Nice Swan Records.

In the meantime get your ears around ‘Skint Eastwood’ here:

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