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Adam Laver
Adam Laver

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Comparing a band to Paramore can often be tricky, as lots of fans initial thoughts when they hear any female vocalist of a rock band are that of the American trio. In this case, however, The Sonder Bombs frontwoman really does have a Hayley Williams pop-punk vibe to her vocals. Combined with the intricately composed instrumentation, which gets increasingly impactful as the song goes on, the Cleveland quartet have a warmly familiar sound.

Their signature ukulele is somehow at home in their punk sound and gives them a uniqueness that so many bands are constantly looking for. Their use of dynamics is superb and at times in the track they sound delicately thoughtful.

The wonderful sounding snare drum is a driving force in the verse and allows the more reflective parts of the song stand out when it’s omitted. The drumming as a whole is a key component of the track and includes fills that are asking to be replicated via the air drums.

Their upcoming album ‘Clothbound’ is out on January 29th and follows their debut record ‘MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR’ featuring the anthemic ‘Twinkle Lights’. The album was an attack on the male dominated music industry, but the second album’s tone is somewhat different. They’ve ditched the all-caps title style and now talk of loss, letting go, and losing patience with losers. “If the first record introduced unapologetic sensitivity, Clothbound searches for the root causes of other key elements”, a press release reads.

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