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Luke James
Luke James

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The Ultra Violets are Cornwall’s latest export and their debut single ‘Romance’ has festival main stage written all over it. Consisting of guitarist/vox Perran, guitarist/backing vox Marc, bassist Adam Knuckey, drummer Finn, and keyboardist/vox Stuart, their sound demands to be heard, an all-out indie rock experience.

‘Romance’ doesn’t waste time with an intro or preamble and instead comes crashing in with an enormous chorus that harkens to the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen. Off the bat, you hear the power that the band harnesses, each musician firing at all cylinders. The chorus is daringly infectious and is going to be an instant crowd-pleaser, it’s easy to see this being bellowed back at the band during a live performance.

‘Romance’ has the kind of sound that bands work years to achieve which could be down to the involvement of David Sanderson who produced Reverend and the Makers.

My advice would be that when The Ultra Violets start gigging, catch them in small venues while you can because it’s a matter of time before they’ll be filling larger venues.

Listen to ‘Romance’ here:

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