By Tom Tozer

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Toronto Alt Garage Rockers The Vaniers have brightened up 2020 with a tight and tremendous EP ‘Who Are You To Say.’ The five batch collection was a meaningful process to the three-piece as it was their official premiere release. They had no intention of rushing with this in mind. “The mix, however, took months as we were extremely particular about how we wanted the EP to sound.”

Sparking the EP with ‘On The Regular’ a feel-good fun track. “We were just focused on having a good time when we wrote ‘On The Regular’ and I think you can feel that in the music” With a stable drumbeat and guitar riff, the lead vocals command the track with a message of rebelling against social norms.  

Despite things becoming slightly slower, when it comes to rhythm, with ‘Hot Nights.’ The beat is forever bouncing and keeping an audience on their toes. Exceptional vocals mixed with the instruments behind it create an infectious vibe across any room it is played in. The Strokes sounding ‘Tidal Waves’ and Arctic Monkeys infused ‘Wild’ reveals that The Vaniers can take the best qualities of their influences and fuse them with their own unique flavour.

As a whole, ‘Who Are You To Say’ shows off The Vaniers’ versatile abilities. Musically ranging from slow and mellow to rock, roll, and raucous. It is a true scandal that this has been their first official release since the band’s birth in 2016 (coming together in high school). They certainly are capable of creating inspiring and pleasing music. It will be interesting to see where these boys end up. 

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