The band from Paisley have been working from home on this track that encapsulates an exploration of both physical and personal space. ‘Sanctum Sound’ juxtaposes beautifully from their most recent release; ‘Gloaming’ that was presented to the world in October. The music video that accompanies ‘Gloaming’ created by artist Bovine, is a chilling animation that has been super successful on YouTube.

For The Vegan Leather, ‘Sanctum Sound’ will be their first solely independent release. Band member, Gianluca Bernacchi, talks about the challenge of taking their sound from a rigid Tame Impala-esque drum beat to a disco/rock vibe that reflects Pink Floyd and the Scissor Sisters.

Other lead singer, Marie Collins, conveys how “There’s a lot of religious symbolism in the song too which comes from the word ‘Sanctum’ meaning a kind of sacred place. I think a lot of people can relate to that right now in terms of having to stay in your own bubble”. Making this song a perfect release during times of isolation and reoccurring lockdowns. You can listen the track on all major streaming platforms, so prepare to be impressed by the band’s ability to create a refreshing new sound out of their own bedrooms.

Listen to ‘Sanctum Sound’ here

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