By Kieran Webber

The Cornish via London indie rockers The Velvet Hands are back with yet another anthemic single ‘When This Is Over’. It follows on from the successful ‘Fallout’ that was released earlier in the year (pre-covid).

The band ask the listener to join them in celebration of the pubs reopening. It’s a rallying single that is daringly infectious. A striking guitar drives the track forward whilst uplifting, chanting vocals sit neatly in the backdrop, remiscent of the 90’s Brit-pop sound.

All proceeds of the track will go towards The Music Venue Trust to support those affected by the ongoing crisis.

This release is further evidence of the bands ability to craft music that sticks to the listener like glue. It’s fun, simple but wildly effective. The band just keeps going from strength to strength.

Listen to ‘When This Is Over’ here:

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