By AJ Salisbury

A hit of fuzzy bass, distorted guitars and building drums open ‘Dead Clones’ from Norwegian fuzz-rockers, The Wit. After a few bars the track reaches its stride and becomes a relentless assault of riffage, drum skins being punished and emotive lyrics.

But, the song is far from a one-dimensional joint. As you hit the chorus, it becomes a much softer and melodic song, almost a reverse of the classic grunge method of quiet-loud-quiet, the verses are fast-paced and unforgiving, but the choruses are beautiful and more considered with ethereal vocals

‘Dead Clones’ is the third single from The Wit’s debut album, set for release on the 8th February, and really shows that this five-piece know how to put together interesting breakneck stoner-rock with a psychedelic edge.

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