By Kieran Webber 

Leeds based garage rockers THEE MVPS have returned triumphantly with their new single ‘Ship Episode/Planet Episode’.

The new track is a spiraling psych\garage rock barrage that has an unrelenting level of energy. It’s controlled chaos in musical form. After a few sci-fi whirls and whizzes the guitars kick in backed by fast driven percussion. It’s a frantic explosion that is utterly infectious.

The single is taken from the bands forthcoming album ‘Science Fiction’, which is due out May 29th via Eeasy Records.

Speaking on the new album the band had this to say; “the album ties in references and homages to Sci Fi with the modern millennial difficulties all of us face as we move away from our youth. Some themes include always having your crew to count on in the face of any dire straits, how being contactable 24/7 probably isn’t best for any of us and how really we’re not any more different/cooler/better/worse/charming/narcissistic than anyone else because we’re in a band.”

Listen to ‘Ship Episode\Planet Episode’ here:

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