By Kieran Webber

Eating pizza and playing Mario Kart wasn’t enough for Jackie, Sam and Alliaster. Collectively they wanted to use their time more productively. Thus, Thrillhouse was formed.

Now the Brighton band have shared their third single ‘If It’s Important’, taken from their upcoming debut LP (set for release mid 2021).

The latest release continues the bands simplistic approach to their songwriting. Combining emotive yet tongue-in-cheek songwriting with fun, bouncy guitars and synths.

Talking about the songwriting Jackie B. Nielsen explains: “I like songs that have as little chords in them as possible. Some may call it laziness others may call it being economical. If it’s good enough for Brian Eno then it’s good enough for us. So, the idea was to be as repetitive as possible without it getting boring. Hopefully it doesn’t get boring.”

This is felt throughout all of their releases, especially ‘If It’s Important’. Whirling guitars chime in between a driving, pulsing bassline. This oscillating sound is truly spellbinding. You cannot help but submit to Thrillhouse’ charm.

Listen to ‘If It’s Important’ here:

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