It’s been a long year (and a bit more) for many and we’ve all dealt with it in our own ways, some got into painting, others started panic buying (wankers!). However, for the most part we all hibernated and worked on our craft, whether that be music, writing, or whatever your creative pursuit.

When it comes to music, many faced a crisis, with no gigs there was lack of income for hundreds of thousands of artists across the country. Some headed to social media to play livestreams, others unfortunately disappeared entirely, and some bands found themselves nestled away writing their next explosive hit. The latter is exactly what Cornwall’s Tiger Empress did.

The band first came out with their energetic, high octane single ‘Imposter Syndrome’ back in 2020, now they return with an equally impressive single ‘Anxious Blood’. A riotous release that is filled to the very brim in frantic energy and honest vocals, tackling the realisation of post-lockdown social anxiety.

The track is driven forward by hard hitting percussion, that comes down like a hammer on an anvil, all the while angst-laden vocals burt through from lead singer & guitarist Sarah. The track also provides a tasty barrage of fuzz laden riffs that bounce and wallow throughout, creating a real rollercoaster of a single.

It’s safe to say that Tiger Empress have come out swinging with their latest release ‘Anxious Blood’, it’s a statement single that demands the listeners attention. Tiger Empress are here to make a mark not just on the Cornish music scene, but nationally.

Be sure to keep your eyes and ears out for Tiger Empress, big things are coming their way.

Listen to ‘Anxious Blood’ here:

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