By Georgia Branch 

Hailing from the golden shores of Sydney, Australia is DIY the surf inspired garage rock sounds of TIMI TEMPLE. Recently he dropped the single ‘No Where’ with his good friend Doc Merlin. Based around the events of Doc Merlins lucid dream ‘No Where’ is an infectious barrage of jangly guitars and lo-fi vocals.

Off the bat this record sets the time for summer; an infectious riff invites images of sunshine and quintessential beach days. The structure of the song takes the listener by surprise as the intro and first section have a calmer ‘surf vibe’, but the chorus adopts a heavier more psychedelic approach. Adoringly the riff is kept through out and is the toe tapping back bone of the track; TIMI TEMPLE’s light vocals carry a heavenly state and give off a Tame Impala cross MGMT vibe with a twist. 

The tune is easy listening as well as fun, TIMI and his band have brought a fresh new tune to electronic/indie rock with this track; anticipating what they’ll do next.

Listen to ‘No Where’ ft Doc Merlin here:

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