By Kieran Clark

‘Breakfast in Bed’, a title that perfectly encapsulates how Toebow’s latest single makes the listener feel. ‘Breakfast In Bed’ is a smooth track, that reminds you of lazy days in the sun, whilst having an energy behind it to let you know it’s the start of a new day and opportunity. The alluring melodies from female and male vocals perfectly compliment each other, with the beautiful sentiment of, “awake is better”, resounding throughout the track; it is truly mentally up-lifting.

As the track progresses and builds, the guitar lines lead us forward. From their bright riffs at the beginning of the track, to the jangly tones of the outro solo, they bounce off of each other perfectly. It’s no surprise to hear dream-pop influences throughout ‘Breakfast In Bed’, considering Toebow includes members of BOBBY, but the soulful, laid back instrumentation of drums and bass give this track a special, uplifting quality. The music itself seems to inspire thoughts of the best parts of a lazy day. The vocal, lead, and rhythm combination leaves you as the listener with a smile on your face, and memories in your head.

Toebow’s name is “loosely designed to be an abstraction of the music’s feelings”, where it can be “abstract yet Familiar”, and I believe they have done just that with ‘Breakfast In Bed’, as it welcomes itself into your life and gives you the familiar feeling of safety.

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