By Kieran Webber

The lockdown has been tough on us all. However, it has allowed more time to create and artists such as TOLEDO has seized the opportunity and released isolation single ‘FOMO’. Speaking on the track the band said; “This is the first song we wrote and recorded while quarantined together in our hometown of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Every morning started the same: a very brief meditation and a short session of Yoga with Adriene. The resulting mindfulness was usually short-lived and followed by late nights of drinking and Buffy reruns. FOMO pokes fun at this quarantine lifestyle, but at the end of the day gives voice to a genuine desire to be more present.

‘FOMO’ is a nonchalant indie surf rock track that is spectacularly easy listening. It’s a whimsical, easy breathing release that lures the listener in with it’s upbeat yet chill tempo. A much needed respite in these strange times.

Listen to ‘FOMO’ here:

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