Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Label: Ninety Nine Records

Receiving backing from the likes of Annie Mac, Zane Lowe and Elton John, Australia’s Tora are back with album number three. When lockdown restrictions took away Tora’s chance to embark on their planned European tour, they instead focused their attention and energy on creating ‘A Force Majeure’.

What follows is eleven tracks of R&B and electro pop hybrid that is clean cut and radiating sunshine. Songs like ‘New Age’ keep the verse sparse and sparing with the instrumentation but when the chorus hits it turns into a minimalist electro Afrobeat. ‘In Deeper’ starts beautifully with piano and soft vocals before the track builds with each section adding a little more beat to it but never getting overwhelmed. ‘How Long’ is almost a soft house track. With a pulsing bass drum and bass to match, the synth flutters around and supports the beautiful duet vocals. Throughout ‘A Force Majeure’, Tora keeps things restrained with each beat seeping in and contrasting the electronics which swim around your head. This is an album best enjoyed with headphones on so you can appreciate the intricacies.

‘A Force Majeure’ may have been created in lockdown but you can’t help picture yourself on the beach or dipping your toes in a pool when you listen to it. This is a beautifully crafted Electro pop/R&B hybrid that’s sure to bring the Australian sunshine straight to your door.

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