Words by Kieran Webber | Header Image: Alia Wasfi

Town Of Cats have spent the last few years building the reputation of being a festival favourite in the south-west. They’ve become favourites at Great Estate, Boomtown and Beautiful Days. It’s no surprise as they carry a high octane, extremely infectious and diverse sound. Blending the best elements of jazz, hip-hop, afrobeat, and latin, creating a varied soundscape.

Today the band returns with their new single ‘Lemons’. A frantic explosion of sound that is driven forward by intense lyricism and flow. It’s a fun track that encapsulates everything that is great about Town Of Cats. Lot’s of brass, jazz breakdowns and intense lyricism and flow. It’s a big ball of energy that is riddled in fun. You cannot help but find yourself moving to their often overwhelming sound.

The accompanying video boasts the bands message of strength in numbers and further pushes their message of unity. Fan made submissions were sent in to create this vibrant and wholesome video. Like everything else with Town Of Cats this was a total DIY project and self funded by the band. ‘Lemons’ is taken from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album ‘The Elephant’s Room’, set for release August 28th. 

Speaking about ‘Lemons’ frontman and wordsmith Joe Travis-Dean explains: “Creativity for me comes in waves, so when the juices were flowing for me a couple of years ago yet I found myself in a positive headspace it became incredibly aggravating that I couldn’t for the life of me cling to a theme that my brain had the capacity to deliver on. Music is the lemonade when life gives you those sour lemons, but I had no lemons to speak of. Where were those lemons?” 

Listen to ‘Lemons’ here:

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