By Kieran Webber

Hailing from the warm shores of Melbourne, Australia is the rising indie-pop band Trace Decay. Recently they have dropped their new single ‘Sad Dance’, an aptly named song for the times we live in.

It kicks off with a subtle percussive beat that quickly erupts into harmonious guitar hooks and vocals. It’s a daringly infectious track that demands your attention.

Speaking on the track De Pas explains: “’Sad Dance’ delves into the mind of someone who’s slowly becoming jaded and disillusioned with the notion of being a sociable ‘life of the party person’. It comes from my experience of being fairly sociable – which can be a blessing and a curse – often leaving myself completely zapped of energy, mentally exhausted or apathetic”. 

Continuing: “Everyone is so connected now and the idea of ‘alone time’ becomes increasingly difficult, which can severely affect someone’s mental state and leave them feeling fragile and somewhat sad. Thanks to platforms like Instagram, Facebook and email etc. we are now ‘open for business’ 24/7 and are expected to maintain our sanity. ‘Sad Dance’ shines a light on these experiences”.

Listen to ‘Sad Dance’ here:

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