By Callie Winch 

‘Day to Day’ is the second track pulled from the London-based band’s debut album ‘Rut’ which is set to be released on October 16th. The new single draws inspiration from both classic rock and the more DIY indie scene and was originally released as a demo to try and raise funds for the band’s SXSW fundraiser.

Lyrically, this single speaks as a Gen-Z anthem, delving into all too relatable themes of the struggle to get on the property ladder and shopping at the reduced-to-clear section of the supermarket. Tugboat Captain have previously been compared to the likes of The Wave Pictures and Belle and Sebastian and have accumulated close to a million streams on their Spotify since a feature on Netflix Original series Terrace House.

The new single features guest vocals from Flirting’s Poppy Waring and is the closing track from Tugboat Captain’s debut studio album ‘Rut’ which can be pre-ordered here.

Listen to ‘Day To Day’ here:

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