Taken from the bands forthcoming debut album 'Rut'.
Words by Tom Tozer | Header Image by Em Marcovecchio

South-London based four piece band Tugboat Captain has been busy over the last few years. Recording and later releasing an abundance of DIY music. The group has had comparisons to artists in the form of Belle, Sebastian and The Wave Pictures.

The Indie-Pop outfit is back with the first single, ‘No Plans (For This Year)’, from their debut studio album, ‘Rut’, set for release this October via Double A-Side Records. Calm and comfortable keyboard leads this track, with an additional fitting and reliable drumbeat, a guitar riff that brings a darker and two-sided attitude to the song and capped off with some suitable low energy vocals bringing the track together. ‘No Plans (For This Year)’ was written over a year ago, but, has certainly gained some relevancy by the current pandemic.

Tugboat Captain’s late DIY attitude came with much success, their homemade album ‘Everybody Seems To Think That I’m A Raincloud’, being awarded No 7 Album of the Year by For The Rabbits. Also, the group has piloted themselves to International radio play, a little less than a million streams on their Spotify, a feature on Netflix Original series Terrace House and an invite to this years’ now-canceled SXSW.  

Listen to ‘No Plans (For This Year) here:

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