Gaby Mawson
Gaby Mawson

Gaby is a London based writer and visual communicator specialising in the music and film industries.

Join us in listening to the latest release ‘Press Gang’ by fresh to the scene band named TV Priest. The quadruple have been working hard on their debut album ‘Uppers’ that is set to be released February 5th. 

To start of the new year, ‘Press Gang’ came out on the 6th of January alongside an old-school styled music video that perfectly interprets the song. Inspired by lead singer, Charlie Drinkwater’s grandfathers working life as a photojournalist and war correspondent; this track encompasses a historic and personal narrative that delves into the ‘Death of Print Media’ and change in how information and ideas are publicly shared.

The video directed by Joe Wheatley sees Charlie in the shoes of his grandfather working as a war correspondent.During the three minute film, Charlie tries to escape the persistent press. The fiercely masculine and dramatic footage goes hand in hand with the bands punk rock-esque sound.

‘Press Gang’ follows the albums other pre-releases including ‘Decoration’ and ‘This Island’ that came out in 2020. We look forward to hearing the remaining tracks on the album ‘Uppers’ next month. TV Priest will also be performing their second ever live show at Oslo in Hackney, London on the 12th April. 

Watch/listen to ‘Press Gang’ here:

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