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Three mates making indie bangers is something everyone loves to see. This is the exact reason why they have become a band to watch out for. Beautiful guitar licks and glorious vocals have allowed the masses to love the new tunes.

Whether you’ve heard of the dynamic trio or just listening for the first time, the group have set out to keep everyone engaged in the wonderful lyricism with this new track ‘Losing You’. 

Even when the track begins with a single guitar lick, a drum beat and then entering vocals, you can truly feel their inspirations within the music. The band have often spoken about their love of The Rolling Stones, The Killers, Kings Of Leon and Inhaler, which is all clear to see in their style. This is why this writer loves the band and the music.

Two Weeks In Nashville have created a way for any listener to fall in love with their themes of relationships and getting lost in the moment within ‘Losing You’. It’s a track to admire as well as being one that allows listeners to understand why they have supported the likes of Supergrass, The Hoosiers and Toploader in the past. It’s a classic indie feeling with a twist.

That twist being that every lyric comes from the heart. This isn’t what many think of indie, there’s passion and love in every track. It comes across perfectly in every note, which is why diving into previous tracks after listening to this banger will take any listener on an emotional rollercoaster.

Speaking on ‘Losing You’, songwriter and frontman Billy LeRiff said, “I wrote ‘Losing You’ about wanting to be with a girl you’ve known for a long time. You’ve grown up and lived in the same town and are always bumping into each other. You can never tell how she feels about you though; she is forever giving you different signs! You’re fed up. You’re clinging onto the idea and dream that you’ll end up together but at the same time it’s driving you to feel like you’re losing her!”