Words: Laura Turnbull | Header Image: Kieran Webber 

Stop what you’re doing and say hello to new Ty Segall. This week the American songwriter released another teaser track from his upcoming album ‘First Taste‘ and it’s gonna sooth your fuckin’ socks off. ‘Ice Plant‘ begins with shuffling drum patterns and ends with a clamour of piano keys, but the dreamy space in-between is given over wholly to the vocal harmonies of Segall and Freedom Band member Shannon Lay

Have a listen to ‘Ice Plant‘:

Sure, Segall‘s back catalogue is pretty eclectic, but this latest garage-fuzz-goes-acapella direction is one turn we weren’t expecting. According to the industrious musician “‘Ice Plant’ is a fever dream reflection of my childhood”, and it’s one soft and surreal bout of nostalgia we’ll be playing on repeat until the new album arrives.

First Taste’ is due for release on 2nd August via Drag City. To keep up with all Ty Segall shenanigans surf this lovely link: