Ty Segall Boasts His Inventiveness During Zebulon Session

Words & Header Image by Kieran Webber

Recently Ty Segall shared his Zebulon Sessions which sees him solo perform classics from his massive discography. This session stands out to his previous ones though. Normally he is accompanied by a band or goes acoustic. In this session we see Ty bring in the use of drum machines and peddle effects galore, exploring a more electronic sound. It dances towards noise rock at times, which is something we’ve seen Ty explore with ‘Fungus II’.

It’s a fantastic session that has Ty’s inventiveness and constant chameleon approach to his signature garage rock sound. He’s forever pushing the boundaries of his music, stretching it out like elastic. Ty continues to be one of the most progressive and interesting rock artists in the last decade.

Watch/listen here:

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