Typhoon - offerings
Out January 12th via Roll Call Records 

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

It has been four years since the Portland based 11-piece released their last album ‘White Lighter’, and within that time lead singer Kyle Mortan has been grappling with the idea of losing one’s mind. This thought process has made it into the the bands latest release ‘Offerings’, a post-rock/indie musical tale that delves into the subject matter, funnelling Mortan’s own fears into this musical escapade, following a fictional character.

‘Offerings’ is divided into four movements (Floodplains, Flood, Reckoning, and Afterparty) to represent the mental phases the main character goes through where he first realizes that something is wrong, then struggles through the chaos of his situation, and finally moves into acceptance before succumbing to his dreadful fate. The story is backed by a dark, haunting and intense soundscape so vast that is at times overwhelming. The post-rock elements almost turn orchestral in nature, creating this full bodied wall of sound. It is beautifully constructed music that thrives in it’s complexity. 

Listen to a snippet of ‘Offerings’ here:

This complexity is particularly present in ‘Empiricist’, a track that dances eliganly between nonchalant tranquility and foreboding darkness. The album is a musical journey that is deeply layered in emotion and tackles the subject matter in a brutal way, this is present in ‘Algernon’ which deeply describes the absent mind, representing a brain that is confused, lost and worried. 

Although the theme of losing your mind strikes true throughout the record, the musical accompaniment is truly astonishing, the use of multiple instruments that ebb and flow throughout is mesmerising, it creates an incredible depth. This emotive tale comes to an end with the hauntingly beautiful ‘Sleep’, the perfect end to the macabre record.

Throughout ‘Offering’ you are spurned the tale of a character that is losing everything they are, there most important organ. the brain is deteriorating and it is devastating. Although a tough story it is a beautiful one and makes you appreciate life as you know it today.


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