Photography by Kieran Webber

Kieran Webber
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SXSW is a hotbed for international talent and as always there are plenty of UK based artists being showcased

The UK is filled to the brim with amazing talent that spans through multiple genres and all this talent is on full show at this years SXSW. There are multiple showcases and artists flying the flag for UK musicianship but here are ten artists that we beleive are going to blow the cowboy boots off the the attendees.

Saloon Dion

Photography by Kieran Webber

The Bristolian post-punk outfit have been laying the foundations for a complete takeover for the past couple of years. Now, as we drift through 2023 the bands plan for domination is in full affect. Their past two singles ‘I Don’t Feel’ and ‘Happiness’ is them at their very best, frantic melancholy matched with tongue-in-cheek delivery all delivered in a ferocious post-punk sound. Not only do the band dominate their recordings but their live show is something to be adored. There’s no wonder why the band have been invited to showcase their sound at SXSW, this is their year and seeing them at South By is your chance to be the first to witness their meteoric rise.

Listen/watch ‘I Don’t Feel’ here:

The Heavy Heavy

Now and then a special band will come through that will remind you of the golden age of music without sounding like copycats. One of those said bands is The Heavy Heavy, a band that infuses a retrospective sound that is remiscent of the 60’s and 70’s yet adapted for a modern audience. It’s a stunning clashing of all the greats, elements of Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones, & Led Zeppelin, truly it’s something special. The Brighton based band are playing extensively throughout SXSW and the US as a whole. This is your chance to catch a band that are blending the best of rock n roll into a refurbished sound, a very wholesome and exciting outfit.

Listen/watch ‘Miles and Miles’ here:

English Teacher

Photography by Willow Shields

English Teacher have been making waves through the indie scene for the past year or two and with tracks such as ‘Songs About Love’ and ‘Good Grief’ it’s no wonder why. The band have had the support on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 and pretty much every publication under the sun. It’s safe to say that English Teacher are tipped to be the next big thing from the UK. There’s good reason why there is a lot of buzz around English Teacher, their angular sounds matched with the off-kilter, poetic delivery of their music is sharp, smart, and daringly infectious. If you’re wanting to sample a band on the brink of exploding out into the music world, then catch them at one of their many SXSW shows.

Listen/watch ‘Songs About Love’ here:

Youth Sector

Photography by Pete Ray

These plucky art-rockers from Brighton, UK have a sound that is delightfully rambunctious and poignent. They tackle social issues with the jagged-edged sound that they have become notorious for. It’s fast paced, high-octane, and hard to not get lost in music. If you’re looking to get your rocks sufficiently rocked off then head be sure to throw yourself towards any of their SXSW sets.

Listen/watch ‘A Definitive Guide to Easy Living’ here:

Panic Shack

The Welsh punk outfit caused shockwaves throughout the music industry last year with a wave of shows, including iconic sets at 2000 Trees Festival, Green Man Festival, and Liverpool Sound City. The bands blend of witty, observational lyricism matched with the simplistic yet bombastic punk sound is wildly infectious. Catch them at SXSW to witness one of the UK’s fastest rising outfits.

Listen/watch ‘Meal Deal’ here:

Dream Wife

Arguably one of the most iconic UK-based artists that have come through in recent times. Since their debut self-titled album, which was released back in 2018, which featured their hit single ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ the band have been consistently excellent. Their sound is a riotous wave of alt-rock infused with poignent social commentary, it’s eye opening music for those looking to get their socks well and truly rocked off. The band are about to releases their third album ‘Social Lubrication’, which will certianly showcase their ferocious sound. So, catch them at SXSW and you may be treated to some of the new songs live!

Listen to ‘Hot (Don’t Date A Musician) here:

Kadeem Tyrell

The South London R&B/soul singer Kadeem Tyrell has been making a real splash in the UK waters with his soft, sultry vocals and mellow grooves. He is part of a movement in the UK that is pushing the genre forward and giving a lease of new life. It’s early days for artist but there is no doubt that is talent will see his name next to the greats of the genre. There is no doubt that is his SXSW performances will help solidify Kadeem as one of the UK’s most promising artists.

Listen/watch ‘I Want You’ here:

Folly Group

Photography by Kieran Webber

Folly Group are still relatively new but they’ve been silently growing in the background, clearly waiting to strike. Once the band release an EP or a an LP there is no doubt they’ll be absolutely huge. they’ve had plenty of support by tastemakers in the industry, including constant praise from Joe Talbot of IDLES. Folly Group create a sound that fits into multiple genres, making it hard to call them an indie band or a post-punk band. They float on the edges of all genres by creating an angular sound that is not dissimilar to Squid. Seeing them at SXSW will be a special moment for the band and for the audience so make sure you are in attendance to one of their showcases.

Listen/watch ‘Faint Of Hearts’ here:

Sports Team

Arguably the UK’s best indie band. A statement they’d probably happy to claim themselves, due to frontman Alex Rice’s overwhelming and Mick Jagger sized confidence. It’s this element that makes them so alluring, Sports Team are a journey, more than a band in a lot of ways. It’s also worth stating that a lot of trends adopted by artists such as Harry Styles started with Sports Team (See matador outfits). Outside of the big personalities their music is a total force to be reckoned with, a matching of witty lyricism backed by hooks so large you could your towels off them. It’s daringly infectious, fun, and demanding of your attention, everything a good guitar band should be. Seeing them absolutely takeover SXSW is going to be a treat for everyone.

Listen/watch ‘The Drop’ here:

Lime Garden

Lime Garden are arguably Brighton’s fastest rising and most exciting indie outfits. The band have been chipping away for around 4 years (roughly) and have been growing in strength and popularity with each release. The band’s ability to craft an earworm is nothing short of impressive, truly, each release is as catchy as the last, including the bands more subtle release ‘Bitter’. Not only is their music masterfully crafted the bands songwriting is also a light that shines bright, taking a social commentary approach from a deeply personal space. It’s wholly relatable which makes Lime Garden just that bit more exciting. There is no doubt Lime Garden are going to be one of the UK’s next big bands, so don’t miss out on any of their showcases.

Listen/watch ‘Bitter’ here: