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Undersound have teamed up with Bella Collins to create something magical. Even though this is taken from the forthcoming album, you can already tell that something beautiful is being cooked in this track and more

Undersound, or Gareth Evans, as he is known to those close to him, is one to not shy away from being every sound you can imagine into his music. Every chord, note and lyric has been inspired by soundscapes and sounds within jazz, soul, funk, contemporary classical, hip-hop, pop, world music and more.

This is why this track and this artist are ones to admire. Keeping to his Welsh roots is one thing, but to bring out the best in every genre is another. From his musical journey beginning at the age of five, it was clear to see that a life of music was going to be the one for Undersound.

Combining Bella Collins’ wonderful vocals and talents onto this new track was an inspired choice as it offers more than meets the eye. With funk, soul and jazz all in one, ‘All I Really Need’ provides the hype to ‘Infinite Wishes’ which is set to be released on September 2nd.

The new track allows heads to be bopping, toes to be tapping and lovers of all genres to fall in love with Undersound. Which is why this writer is not only excited for the upcoming album but the future of this team up.

Listen to ‘All I Really Need’ here: