By Kieran Webber

Unwed SailorĀ is the brainchild of former Pedro The Lion member Jonathon Ford. Since the bands birth it has danced delicately in a variety of genres, from dreamy ambient soundscapes to angular post-rock rhythms. Recently they have found themselves within the realms of post-rock with their latest single ‘Moon Coin’, taken from the forthcoming album ‘Heavy Age’ which is available May 3rd (pre-order here).

The dreamy, post-rock jam is a delightful mix of fast paced percussion and waning guitars, it’s a diverse and wonderful sound. Each instrument bounces off another playfully creating an atmosphere of nonchalant. The intricacy of each instrument is on full show and with each listen admiration grows. It’s a detailed single that has much to digest but comes as a fascinating and brilliant listen.

Listen to ‘Moon Coin’ here:

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