By Elliot Martin 

Venus Demilo have announced the first single from their debut album ‘The Rest Is Just Noise’. The alternative indie trio who originate from Liverpool have received acclaim from BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio for their music. The band’s name is an arrangement of ‘Venus de Milo’, the famous statue of the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. But much like the statue, ‘By The Book’ felt incomplete. It lacks a certain musical depth and imagination that it has the potential to demonstrate.

The band, who show keen influences from Bombay Bicycle Club in this track, play around with the intro time signature, however. Showcasing the perfect way to adopt the 5/4 signature creating rhythmic ambiguity, displaying innovative thought in the creative process. But unfortunately this is the peak of the song. They use the very same section just after the first chorus, with little development.

I can praise the message behind the lyrics, however. The band commented that the song was written “to highlight how great the “here and now” can be, for a friend who was going through some dark times.”

With a few musical developments and variations added to this track, it has the potential to be a big hit for Venus Demilo.

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